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Train Status

Train Status

Guide to check live train running status information through Trainspnrstatus:
  1. Enter valid five digit train number in the form above and hit 'Get Train Running Status' button.
  2. A new web page will be opened with more detailed information about your queried train number.
  3. At the top of the page you will find a form that asks you to provide information about your journey station and journey day
  4. Enter your journey station and and journey day and click on 'Get Train Running Status' button.
  5. A new web page will show current location of your train from the station you are starting journey. It will also inform you about train's expected arrival and expected departure time at your station.

To track your train correctly, it is important that you fill all the information in a right way at step 2. The main confusing option is to select journey day. Let us understand the process by few examples

Suppose you have to catch train 15018 (GKP LTT Kashi Express) from Jabalpur railway station on 20 June (consider the date as today). You are aware that the scheduled arrival time of train number 15018 at Jabalpur railway station is 23.30.

So to track live position of this train on 20th June till time 23.59, you will fill 'Journey Day' option as 'today'. Suppose train becomes late and you are tracking the same train after 23.59. As you know after time 23.59 date will change to 21st June, you will select your journey day option as 'yesterday'.

Yesterday (Time: 00.00 -23.59) Today, (Time: 00.00 -23.59) (Time: 00.00 -23.59)

In case train running status for your queried train number is not delievered, there could be several reasons.

  • You entered an incorrect or invalid train number.
  • Train does not run on the date it is being queried.
  • Train is not yet started from its source station.
What vital information could be tracked from live train running status:
  1. Train current location
  2. Last station from where train has departed
  3. Delay of a train
  4. Expected arrival time at a desired railway station
  5. Expected departure time at desired railway station

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