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Trace vehicle location, search RTO registration number for owner | Gaadi ke maalik ka address

Please Enter The Vehicle Number To Trace

XX YY ZZZZZ Eg. UP-16 A5427

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XX- First two Alphabets. YY- Next two Characters. ZZZZZ-Rest of the characters.

Vehicle No. To Live Location

VIN or Vehicle distinguishing proof number is an extraordinary arrangement of numbers issued to each private and business vehicle in India. This number is issued by the territorial transport office at the season of enrollment of the vehicle. The VIN or vehicle number is one of a kind to every vehicle. It is a blend of alpha numeric characters beginning with two characters at the outset. Utilizing the VIN the proprietor of the vehicle can be recognized and found. If there should be an occurrence of mishap or burglary this can be exceptionally valuable to recognize the genuine proprietor of the vehicle and report the equivalent to police or concerned expert. Utilizing the vehicle number follow benefit one can distinguish the area and particular RTO office data for further vehicle possession points of interest. The administration works for a wide range of vehicles - bicycles, bikes, autos and business vehicle.

"A Vehicle Tracking System allows an organization to monitor and manage its fleet of vehicles more effectively and efficiently. Vehicle Tracking System helps not only in tracking and identifying vehicles along with its owners and users, but also monitors its movement and gives you real time alerts and alarms accordingly."

Vehicle Live Location | Car, Bike Current Location

Every Vehicle is enrolled in a particular state or locale and for exchange of vehicle from one state to other NOC should be discharged and street impose should be submitted for the new area. New vehicle enlistment number on re-enrollment in other state can be acquired. The laws are pertinent to both bikes and four wheelers. Street assess on business and taxi vehicles is by and large significantly more than that on private vehicles. Certain states offer particular number or character arrangement in VIN to business/government and taxi vehicles to recognize and recognize it from private vehicles. The initial two characters of the vehicle number mean the state or association domain in India to which the vehicle has a place. If there should be an occurrence of armed force/safeguard office claimed vehicles the vehicle recognizable proof number is prefixed with an upward pointing bolt sign pursued by numbers. More data on Vehicle area following can be found here. The above Vehicle following office is for India enrolled vehicles as it were.

Trace vehicle location

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Trace Car Current location

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Plugging directly into your car's ODB outlet without any wiring, the MOTOsafety GPS vehicle tracker is another hugely popular option that receives rave user reviews. Offering a slew of services for a monthly subscription, the MOTOsafety piggybacks on wireless 3G networks for peace of mind. The downloadable Android and iOS smartphone apps allow users to track device location, set geofences around a school or home for teens, as well as receive a daily driver's report card for seeing how your teen handled the vehicle that day.

Vehicle Tracking Online

"A Vehicle Tracking System allows an organization to monitor and manage its fleet of vehicles more effectively and efficiently. Vehicle Tracking System helps not only in tracking and identifying vehicles along with its owners and users, but also monitors its movement and gives you real time alerts and alarms accordingly."

  • Assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles

  • Monitor the activities of a learner driver

  • Know where your family members are in an emergency

  • Have peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe

  • And so much more

Please type the complete vehicle number in the given format to get the vehicle location, owner, address and Registration information.You can Find, trace and track any vehicle number in India by just entering RTO Registration and vehicle number. finds the Indian State, District, City and area details of the Vehicle, registered with RTO office. If you are not getting the desired trace vehicle location, please feel free to write us. ! is the right place to locate any vehicle number with complete and latest information as per public records. So Tracking the vehicle location is very easy and simple now, Have great vehicle tracking ! You may find the answers in our site for following questions about vehicle tracking with RTO information or registration details. How Do i trace / find the Vehicle Owner / RTO information for any state ? How to locate the Vehicle Owner ? , How to launch complaint about the vehicle owner for rash driving ?, where i can get the name , address, area , city of the vehicle owner or company. By getting the RTO information, You can collect the Year of manufacturing, engine, chassis number, vehicle type, Condition , Insurance online , etc. is the best place to get the vehicle information for free. helps you to track the vehicle location, RTO information and other relevant tracker details, which helps you to narrow down your search for Owner name, address and other vehicle details. We have provided vehicle tracker / trace service to find basic information about an Indian registered motor vehicle like Bus, Truck, Car, Auto, bike, LCV, etc.. You need to Enter the vehicle number in the given format to get the desired search results. State Name No.of RTO offices
1Andaman & Nicobar Islands4
2Andhra Pradesh35
3Arunachal Pradesh24
7Dadra & Nagar Haveli2
8Daman and Diu4
13Himachal Pradesh80
14Jammu & Kashmir31
19Madhya Pradesh59
30Tamil Nadu71
32Uttar Pradesh86
34West Bengal68

Vehicle tracking application works for all registered vehicles in India Including Bikes, Scooters, Auto, Mini Van, Trucks, Tourist Vehicle, Goods Trucks, Heavy Earth moving Trucks, Container Vehicles, Busses, etc for all Indian States and Union Territories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of this service?

This service is useful to trace information about an Indian motor vehicle (car, bike, lorry, bus, etc.). Enter the vehicle number (e.g. AP 10 W0256) and this service will tell you State and City/Town in which the vehicle was registered. Basically you will be able locate RTO (Regional Transport Office) location of a motor vehicle.

2. Why would I need to trace an unknown vehicle details?

Let's say you had a problem with a speeding car or motor bike and you want to trace location of the vehicle. To trace details either you can approach RTO office close by or use our service to find out basic information about the vehicle. For any reason if you want to know basic details of a car,bike, lorry, bus, etc in India, our service will help you to locate it immediatly.

3. Can I trace address details of the vehicle by its number plate?

No. This service can trace and tell you the details about the State and District/Town/Area of the vehicle with the help of number plate details. Due privacy concerns and restrictions, exact address details are not available to everyone. We help you to identify the RTO office in which the vehicle is registered; you can approach the RTO office to get owner details of the vehicle.

4. Can I request you to find to tell me address of a vehicle?

No. Please don't send any messages requesting us for address details of a vehicle number. We can't provide such details as we also don't know :)

5. I can't find details of a vehicle number using this service. What should I do now?

Leave a comment by filling form below, we will figure about the details for you.

Vehicle Trace

Trace Two Wheeler,four wheeler or any motor vechicle registered by RTO Office of India. through this Vehicle Trace tool you can easily trace information about an Indian motor vehicle (car, bike,bus etc.). Enter the vehicle number and this Vehicle Trace tool will show you information about that vehicle.

Vehicle Registration in India

India is now hub of Automobiles with been as 5th largest passenger car market in the world. RTO Offices are making Centralized Database of all vehicles registered in India, so that it will be easy to catch hold of any Offensive vehicle even if driven in other state

Tracing Owner Name from Car Registration Number

Vehicle Owner Name and Vehicle Details: You can trace in Owner Name, Vehicle Registered in RTO with Fitness Certificate Expiry Date of Vehicle
Have to send SMS in Format:- VAHAN{SPACE}VEHICLE NUMBER to 77382 99899
For Instance - if vehicle registration number is DL6CA0001 then send sms as :- VAHAN DL6CA001 and sms to 7738299899. In around 5 minutes - you will get a SMS from DZ-VAAHAN stating
» Owner Name as per RTO Records
» Ownership Serial Number : 1 as for First Owner, 2 for Second Owner, 3 for Third Owner
» RTO Office in which Vehicle Registered,
» Fitness Certificate Expiry Date of Vehicle as per Registration Date
Important - do not have any gap in vehicle registration number while sending SMS and leave a blank space after typing VAHAN. All in Capital

Tracing Owner Address from Car Registration Number

Step - 1 (Finding State in which Vehicle is Registered)
If Sending SMS to Vahan does not work - You have to have complete registration number in order to trace the owner
First Step is to find in which state is the vehicle registered.
Below are Abbreviations used in for finding the state or Union Territory - where car is registered in India

AN—Andaman & Nicobar HP—Himachal Pradesh NL—Nagaland
AP—Andhra Pradesh HR—Haryana OD—Orissa
AR—Arunachal Pradesh JH—Jharkhand PB—Punjab
AS—Assam JK— J & K PY—Pondicherry
BR—Bihar KA—Karnataka RJ—Rajasthan
CG—Chhattisgarh KL—Kerala SK—Sikkim
CH—Chandigarh LD—Lakshadweep TN—Tamil Nadu
DD—Daman and Diu MH—Maharashtra TS - Telangana
DL—Delhi ML—Meghalaya TR—Tripura
DN—Dadra & Nagar Haveli MN—Manipur UK—Uttarakhand
GA—Goa MP—Madhya Pradesh UP—Uttar Pradesh
GJ—Gujarat MZ—Mizoram WB—West Bengal

Step - 2 Trace RTO Office Details where Car is Registered
After knowing the State in which the vehicle is registered
Next Step is to know - in which local RTO Office of that State / UT is the vehicle registered at (For Instance - Delhi has multiple RTO Offices - Janakpuri, Sarai Kale Khan, Rohini, Mayur Vihar, Raja Garden etc) or Say Mumbai has in Tardeo, Ghatkopar, Andheri - so next step is to know the RTO Office in which the vehicle is registered
Moving an Inch Closer to a Person basis Car Registration Number
After State Registration Mark - next number digit indicate Code Assigned to RTO Offices. Like DL6 for Kale Khan or MH02 for Andheri or UP14 for say Ghaziabad.

How to Use it :- Download it, Search it using CTRL + F Function together of your keyboard. Format of Search:- Put in state registration mark followed with - (dash) and first 2 numeric letter after state registration mark. For Instance DL-6 or MH-02 or UP-14

Step -3 Generate FOP (Form of Particulars) for Address of Owner
Visit that RTO - Get in touch with a local agent and he may probably assist you in getting FOP (Form of Particulars)
FOP is like an information sheet about Car Owner of Registered Vehicle in RTO. It has details like - Engine Number, Chassis Number, Owner Name, Address, Loan Hypothecation - Printed on a Piece of Paper. Banks do take this practice to to generate FOP - where they do not have RC - but have registration number - so as to check if the vehicle is correctly hypothecated in RTO Records or not.
You may also try and seek assistance from agent to extract FOP basis car registration number. Is not an expensive thing - can be done basis negotiation power - estimated to be Rs 200 - 250.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

GPS Vehicle Tracker used to locate vehicle with the help of online software or smart phone. This device combines with a GSM and a GPS Module. The location of the vehicle is collected through GPS and this location data along with other information collected from the vehicle by using different sensors are sent to the central server. A GPRS enabled SIM card is used to communicate between the central server and the GPS Tracking Device. User can login to our online Vehicle Tracking application from their desktop computer or phone and the vehicle information can be viewed on electronic map.

Technology used in GPS tracking unit

The GPS tracking device fits inside the vehicle dashboard and captures the GPS location information from satellite and other vehicle information from different sensors at regular intervals to a central server. Update intervals depends on the status of the vehicle. At moving condition the GPS tracking unit sends data to central server every minutes and at stop condition 15 minutes.


Find out the details of any vehicle registered in India through DriveSpark. The RTO Database brings you all the necessary registration details of any vehicle in a single place at a moment’s notice. Enter the vehicle registration number in the search box shown below. Instantly get details such as the Vehicle Registration State, the City and the Regional Transport Office (RTO) Address, Phone Number & Email.